When Global Flight Comes out...

Hello fellow pilots!

Today I found a GREAT tool to help other Infinite Flight pilots create flight plans when Global Fllight comes out. Heres the link:

Widget: Online Flight Planner - ONLY FOR FLIGHT SIMULATION
Website: http://onlineflightplanner.org/

To make it more realistic: Make IF More Realistic With This!

I just thought this was something cool I wanted to share with you guys…oh! And I almost forgot! It can give you fuel calculations too, which you can change for your plane in the pause section once you are in the game! Cool huh? Anyways, thanks for reading!

Stay at 35,000 feet!


P.S. I was accepted into JetBlue VA so shoutout to @Benny87654321

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Nice resource and welcome to jetBlue VA!

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Thnx!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Oh God!
Very interesting!
It shows also the fuel needed for the flight → go to set it on weight parameters in IF!more realistic!

The best find in a long time!

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and when you set your altitude and export it to Google Earth


This is so cool! :) Thanks for sharing.

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More realism for my flights.

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Quite cool! I’ll now use it every flight! Is there anyway to directly export it to IF ot do you have to manually plug it in?

dosntr work for me…just says " ERROR: couldn’t find a route between the 2 given fixes with these settings " :(

Ill give u a screnny on what it should say brb

Unfortuantley its manual

Flightplandatabase.org is also very good. Allows others to share flight plans.

I also integrated it into liveflight connect for Windows if anyone still uses that.

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Could also use a great free product called www.simbrief

cant wait to do jfk to Lhr

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