When FPL planning doesn’t go as well as you’d hoped

I woke up this morning to check my progress on a flight from EHAM to VTBS. I had the screen on ATC view, so I checked ETE to Dest, which was red, and still 11 hours away.

Then I looked at my flight plan…

Apparently simbrief made my flight plan with two waypoints incredibly close to each other. So throughout the night I’ve been circling around Germany.

I’ve decided to just divert back to EHAM

Lesson learned: Make sure that your flight plan doesn’t have two waypoints extremely close to each other, as simbrief makes TOC and TOD (top of climb, top of descent respectively) waypoints as well.


ah, I’ve had this before 😭 😂

It’s a (funny) lesson we all must encounter at some point 🙂

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Ah yes. I’ve learned that those GPS waypoints that SimBrief pops up are sometimes wayyyyyy too close. Had a similar issue a couple of times. Thankfully the second time I was awake and switched to the next leg of my flight plan.

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