When flying prop GA aircraft, do you need to be fully configured at 1000ft?

Can someone answer this?

No, between 200 and 500 feet is generally fine. @Brandon_Sandstrom might be able to provide some more details.

What kind of GA airplanes? I know I am fully configured about 500 feet above ground level (Flaps, gear, speed brakes if any)

If its like that nice, I was worried about my altitude when lining up for approach at TFFG.

The Cessna 208.

Yeah. I would say around 500 feet AGL to 1000 feet AGL should be fine.


Typically around 500 AGL I’ll be fully configured in the 172 the 208 fly’s close the same way. Set flaps 5 when I start my decent in the pattern set flaps 10 when I roll ou on base and full flaps as I’m rounding out final.

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