When flying into different countries, the accent of ATC changes

I don’t know if this would be in global, but to make it all the more realistic, maybe IF could add this 🤔


No, this would be hard to do. It also wouldn’t really be nice if you couldn’t understand what the ATC are doing.


so they should just keep the normal American voice and British

I’d say so, would be better in the long run

'll be hard to record many voices…

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i was thinking at least one more, such as australian

You can already do so. Look at the changing ATC voice tutorial. That can be found here;

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This would be pretty neat although it would be hard to do.

I haven’t got IOS 10.2 I’m on iPhone 4s

But the instructions are about the same, and being you have the 4s, you have Siri :)

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yeah :) i wanna get an iPhone 6 or 6s it would be better running for IF

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Don’t worry, you’ll get one soon enough!

thanks hopefully this year

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This would be awesome but technically impossible ATM.

You would really have a problem with the accent of ATC in India 😂😂


this is a great way to have ppl start complaining that fds is a racist company even tho half the ppl doesn’t even know what racism means

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Yeah 😂I imagine It would

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