When flying game crashes

Every time I fly anywhere on infinite flight can be any time from the seconds I spawn in to feet from touching down the app crashes and I don’t know why this is.

Perfectly running device so need to get to the bottom of the issue.

Device: Apple IPad
Operating system: IOS 15.6.1

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The contents of that reply are practically useless as iOS/iPad OS 15.4.1 is technically a depreciated software version.

@Jordan_Minards1- a more relevant topic to follow would be one of the following as replies from staff and knowledge community members are present. I suggest following their suggestions as well.

Try clearing your cache. Also you can use the cockpit view and point the camera downwards so you won’t load as much scenery.

Hope this helps!

Hi @Jordan_Minards1 , sorry to hear you’re having an issue… Can you clarify exactly which model of iPad you have? There is an ongoing issue on some iPad models with crashing, you might be affected.

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This happened to me just now and I am 100% positive it is not a me problem.

I deleted half of my replays just like everyone told me to do, I cleared the scenery cache, and it STILL crashed on approach after an ultra long haul flight.

Do you understand how frustrating this is? That’s 15 hours down the drain. And it’s not a coincidence that this happens on approach. Honestly I can’t believe I’m paying over $80 a year for this to happen.

iPhone 11, everything on high and 15hrs+ assuming the situation is unchanged since your post 1 week ago?

Sorry, but you are overextending your device. I wouldn’t even do that in my iPhone 13 Pro. You need to cut back on either flight time or graphic settings.

None of that matters or will have any impact on your experience unless you’re running low on storage. As long as you have 1GB free storage, it’s all good.

If you were to read the Support FAQ, you won’t find any mention of that for a reason :)

and may I add

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Then i revert back to what I’ve said a thousand times before (perhaps not to you, but in here)

Restart your device before any flight exceeding 4hrs of flight time.

We know there’s a memory issue somewhere that are increasing the crash rate on iOS. But even when there’s not, previous recommendations apply.

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