When flying commercial what altitude do it generally want to be at as soon as you get on final

I have been wondering what altitude do you want to be at when you just got on final or going on final approach


Firstly, welcome back!

It depends on a lot of factors including geography, topography and other constraints with may be specific to different airports.

The best advice is to use the in-app procedures and implement them into your FPL as these should provide you with the correct altitudes for the most part. A general rule of thumb is to be around 2500-3000ft above airport level when inbound on a standard approach.

Let us know if you have any other questions!

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I usually like 3,000ft AGL as I enter the approach cone, but like @Declan mentioned it’s best to use the approach procedures which provide the best altitudes for that approach

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I like to be 3,000ft AGL as well on approach. It all depends on many factors said above and what ATC (if present) sets you to be. Sometimes ATC requires you to be at 2,000ft AGL (this has happened to me before)

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