When flying be realistic

I was flying into ATL one day and I was landing on runway 26L, before I landed I looked at the map and there was two aircraft landing on opposite sides of the runway on grade 3 server, and the one that was on the wrong side of the airport landed on a taxiway.

Not even the runway.

Was this on the Expert Server?

If it was, well, that’s just improper piloting on the part of the pilots. Unfortunately if there was no IFATC present, there’s not much anyone can do about it.

On Training Server…well, that’s what it’s there for. To make mistakes and learn.


yes it was, but yes there was no ifatc

Yep, when no ATC is present it can sometimes be a little world of anarchy at airports without many community members present. If you have a replay and if the user in question has a community account linked to their IF account, then maybe it’s worth a shot at reporting them.

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ok I will check that out, thanks for your help.

I think on ES anyone landing on a taxiway would get an overspeed violation, so thats a disincentive.

If you can’t slow down fast enough

I would guess you probably can’t, because the first time I flew on expert there was crosswind and I ran off the runway. I put 100% reverse and brakes but still couldn’t slow down quick enough

I’ve not ever actually landed on a taxiway, at least not at the threshold end…I’ve certainly ended up on a taxiway just after landing on a runway however! 😨 So far I’ve managed to avoid a violation by either slowing down quickly or getting back on the runway pronto.

Anyone know how long we get before the violation happens?

I believe its 20 seconds between the warning and the violation.

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It’s around 15 seconds.

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