When flying, aircraft randomly stalls and ruins the game

During my flight from EHAM - GCLA, my aircraft randomly started stalling at 250 Knots, which is extremely unrealistic and it ended up ruining the game. This is extremely irritating as I just want to have a fun flight, yet due to the poorly managed issues, this has been ruining it several times. I’d like for somebody to investigate this and see what is going on.


Sorry to hear.
It would be great if you could share some additional details - even better, the replay file from that flight if possible? (Uploading it to sharemyinfiniteflight.com and then sharing the code here is easiest solution)

There’s usually a logical explanation to events like these, so I’m fairly positive to us getting this figured out :)I


Same It’s happened to me trying to fly from YPPH - EDDM and it stalled at 320 KTS which i dont know why it stalled

That’s not ground speed?

Either one of these:

  1. You maintained 250 knots while climbing
  2. You’re flying heavy and had a high AOA

Yep ground speed Mach 0.85 B787-9 Qantas YPPH -EDDM AT 14 hours 42 minutes in

Do you have a photo or video you can upload, as schyllberg mentioned for the op @Elliott2? It would really help in solving such issues.

But beyond that, do you know your approximate load, and your altitude at the time of the stall?

Don’t know when stall occured i was sleeping when it happened

Pleass share the replay when possible.

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Roger ill try and retrieve it from my ipad as im on laptop


That would great.

Before going to bed I’ll just mention, if you’re approaching FL400 or so while heavily loaded, you can stall at:

And I just re-verified that with a test in your aircraft type.

My question about GS really likely isn’t a factor (looks like you had a head wind, which isn’t relevant - steady winds have no influence on stall).

The fuel load for

Implies the need for a step climb as you burn fuel to avoid being too heavy for the thinness of the air at higher altitudes.

The following happens if you are too high for your current weight:

(edit: “high” AOA in this context can be a lot smaller than the stall AOA - it will be just enough to cause more instability or vulnerability to some separate stress (rapid wind change etc.), leading to perhaps rocking, and speed falling off faster than the auto throttle can compensate for…which takes you to the stall AOA)

The nose up at level cruise is usually pretty low. Often with instability (rocking wings etc.) you’ll notice your nose-up during level flight has become exaggerated.

happened to me a few times recently. ill reach my cruising altitude with a/p on everything set how it should be and 20 minutes later I hear stall.

You should really look into step climbing.

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