When entering the glide slope.

What altitude do you enter when at the beginning of the glide slope on youre finals.

3000-3500ft AGL should do. Wait until you’re established on the localizer to descend further.

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Two things:

Generally speaking, you want to catch the GS from below and not above and you should be established on the Localizer PRIOR to descending on the glideslope. Keep in mind there may be some rare exceptions to this rule (terrain limited airports)

At most major airports there are ILS charts that’ll tell you the altitudes to be at to catch the glide. In addition, ATC generally ducks you below that to intercept the glide. For example, at JFK for 22L/04R Landing’s-the intercept altitude is 2000’ for 31R it’s 3000’ and at PBI, it’s 1500’.

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I usually go off the IAP for the runway. For example, here’s the one for runway 09 at KIAH:

According to Infinite Flight, the waypoint at the beginning of the ILS cone is SAYNO

The IAP says to be at 3000ft when crossing SAYNO, so I would enter the ILS come at 3000ft.


Attaway @DiamondGaming4 do you see the X on the chart on the vertical profile? That 2000’ is when you’re expected to be catching it.


Have a look at this tutorial. It shows how to approach the ILS cone, use the glide slope and the localiser. Here you will see that the altitude to enter the ILS cone is about 3000 feet above ground level (AGL).


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