When does grade 5 kick in here?

ive been working for weeks to get my ratio to 0.05% and im still at grade 4? Why?

You have to get it below 0.45. I also had that problem

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Thank you!

1’000 landings in 20 days?

Wow. I’m off-topic here but how? I don’t even find the time to do my taxes.

#edit: And I need new glasses as it’s 90 days. Sorry ‘bout that. Still impressive.


It’s in 90 days right?

Basically you just gained a little too much violations and the mark said to be a little more than it should be (not 0.05)…

88/1616 = 0.05445544554

In order to have exactly 0.05, you need to have 1760 landings in total.


Casual, charlotte douglas, A10. … and patience!


Oh yes you’re right. @Mikey1974, you have to get it below 0.50, I was wrong

Ok!.. so i am real close?..

I’m still not sure, but probably yes

Yes… i have been working tirelessly, day and night… im probably one of the best A10 pilots around, ive done over 400 landings in 2 weeks…

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You still need to do 144 landings in order to reach Grade 5. Considering that you have done 400 landings in 2 weeks, it shouldn’t take too long. :)


still not at 5 … and no matter how many i do it always tells me I need 51 more???

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Do some more patterns until you have 1760+. :)


Hi there @Mikey1974. I’ve decided to join you :)

Because that’s still .050171…

It’s just math.

88/.049999999999999999 = 1760

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Ah that was fun. 30 landings in that short session. Amazing.

Hey! That was fun! And you helped push me to get grade 5. THANK YOU SOO MUCH!!

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I saw a video of this kid who was doing that at JFK on casual… i was like… theres got to be a better airfield, i used tolive right there in Charlotte, and its a nice airport, ive been flying that pattrrn for over a month now, preferably late at night, and i try to respect traffic