When does ATC open?

Hey, I wanted to know when does ATC open everyday? Like tomorrow, when it will open?

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On Expert, ATC opens within a given region which changes at 0600z every day. Controllers are volunteers and open when they can. There’s no set time for when they will open.


From ~0600Z to ~0600Z.

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It also states in here as well!

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Alright, thanks for answer!

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Thanks for the answer!

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To add on, just because it is 0600Z, it does not always mean an airport will open in the region right away. Being we’re all volunteers, it could be until hours later than an airport will open in the new region.

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Bookmark this link - it’s the first place I go to when planning a flight into ATC coverage.

Great site made by the IFATC team (I think), with live numbers on inbound aircraft, what frequencies are open, and much more information.


There’s atc everyday at diffrent places each day, region changes occur at 6am Zulu time in the region that is featured for that day. The atc schedule for this week is pinned at the top of the website :)

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The https://www.ifatc.org/featured page is updated daily and the IFATC thread is updated weekly and pinned on your main feed. That is only for Expert server though and ATC on the training server doesn’t have a governing authority.(that I know of) But nothing is guaranteed since it is a volunteer service and we only open when we have the time to.

As others have stated, nothing is scheduled or managed on the training server. But I’ll chuck in a (shameless) plug here - if you ever want to check where the ATC is on the Training Server check out infiniteatc.github.io.

I meant what time does ATC open at Expert Server and now I know its 06:00 zulu

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They open at this time

2020-09-01T06:00:00Z and close the next day at the same time

It opens everyday at 0600Z and closes at 0600Z

IFATC cant reserve frequencies so it is not guarenteed to be open the whole time. They are volunteers and they open whenever they can :)

Uhmm, the answer was given five days ago. :/


Yes but I think what he meant was when specifically. Not in what times

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