When does a ghost expire?

Hey guys I have 6 ghosting when will they drop so I can get back on the expert server?

When your least recent ghosting drops off then you will be able to access the Expert Server

When it’s a year since your first

7 days till your ghost expires!

To be more precise the exact day and minute of your ghosting, one year later.

I got me first ghost in September

Yeah but he’s had 6 in a year

Then unfortunately you have to wait until September next year. 😔 Sorry.

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If you have had 6 in a year then you have to wait a year…

So basically I should creat a new infinite flight account

Not necessarily, it’s all up to you

If you want to keep your current stats then I would not make another.

I can’t wait that long

As I said, All up to you😉

I mean you can create a new account on the sim and work your way up again but so you do not get ghosted again I suggest you watch the #tutorials

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Now would be a good time to brush up on the tutorials and inquire about what it was you did to receive your reports. Six reports in a year means the egregious expert server behavior is a trend. Learn what you did wrong and grow from it.


Thanks guys for looking out for me?

This needs to be done 👍

Is it me, or I’ve actually never thought of that 🤦‍♂️

Please don’t make another account to try and circumvent the ghostings. It can result in further action if necessary by staff.

Ryan covered the rest.


Good point Josh. Honestly that could be considered as cheating