When do you usually put your flaps up

Hey sorry I ask a lot of questions on here. But I was just wondering when you guys usually put up your flaps on departure (Takeoff) Thanks!

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Hi there! You can go the simple way and bring up your flaps in increments as you gain speed or you can search for your specific aircraft’s flap limits. For example, here are the Boeing 737’s flap limits.

Remember that flaps provide lift and speed (airflow) provides lift. The faster you go, the less flaps you’ll need. It’s not really about altitude or time. Speed is the main factor when dealing with flaps.


Thank you!

When passing 190kias :D

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Flap 5 departure: 220 knots

Flap 10 departure: 210 knots

Yup exactly the same as me

When I takeoff, once I hear positive rate, I just go ahead and fully raise all my flaps. On descent, I do it incrementally based on speed and looking at what it says in the cockpit (on the reworked aircraft at least)

A330 A340 a350 a380
Flaps 1: 230kts
Flaps 1+f: 215kts
Flaps 2: 215kts-200kts
Flaps 3: 185kts-170kts
Flaps 4: 150kts-135kts

Ignore my replies I did not fully read ur posts on the departure

Let’s say it’s a A380 or Airbus and there’s 1, 2, 3, full then i put 2 or on the A380 and some heavies I put 1+F and it has been based on a video from The Famous Lufthansa Pilot

at around 4,500 ft MSL I put from 1+F it 2 I change it to 1 and around 6,000 I put flaps to 0 (every Pilot is different when it comes to flying and for me I do that even though it might not be for every plane)

3,000 MSL or 190 KIAS (above 2,000) whichever occurs first.

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