When do you use departure on takeoff?

I mean, when do you youse depature to the east, nort, south, west and straitout?


That depends on which direction you will go. If you fly northbound, then you say “North” …

But when do you have to turn nortbound?

That’s up to you when you turn exactly, it’s just an indication of a general heading. You use “departure to the North/South/East/West” if you are currently in the pattern at an airport and wish to depart, if you are inbound for landing but change your mind and wish to depart or if you’ve requested takeoff “remaining in the pattern” but again change your mind and wish to depart the airport.

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When your flying to another airport

It’s up to you it just has to be done in the towers airspace which is the center ring or else it would be a straight out.


Thank you that was what i needed @brandon_Sandstorm

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It is that you make a turn to the heading you want to fly just after takeoff?
Is this write, and if you follow strait its a strait out?

Really it supposed to just be for VFR flights. But you would use it to day which direction your going in

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