When do you turn on seatbelt sign ?

Hey guys quick question before I fly when do you turn on seatbelt sign. I heard some people say that they put on their seatbelt sign right when they spawn in and I heard from others that they turn on their seatbelt sign right after you takeoff. I’m not sure which one is the correct one I’m just trying to make my flight realistic as possible thanks.


I turn it on during pushback and leave it on until I reach cruise level. I turn it back on during the descent until I reach the gate.

IF Passengers [IFPAX] app has audio to go along with it and it helps


I think that the seatbelt sign goes on before you start taxiing, and off when you start cruising.

Then goes back on for the descent, then off after engine shutdown.


Seatbelt should be on before push &a start, up to near cruise altitude. During turbulence, and on descent until aircraft is parked and engines are shut down.


I don’t understand why people say they do it before taxiing. I do it before pushback.

EDIT : what @Kevin_Potthast said


On when taxing pushback and under 10 000ft during turbulence. Otherwise i leave it off.

I do exactly what @Kevin_Potthast said. That’s as realistic as you can get.

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Thanks really appreciate the help from you guys

I turn on the seatbelt sign right before pushback and then I turn it off, wait for 1-5 seconds, and then turn it back on after passing 10,000 feet. When I am close to my cruising altitude, I will turn off the seatbelt sign. I will also turn it back on during cruise if something happens, like strong winds. I then start my descent into my destination airport and I will turn the seatbelt sign back on after descending past 26,000 feet. After getting below 10,000 feet, I will turn off the seatbelt sign, wait for 1-5 seconds, and then turn it back on again. After touching down and parking, I will turn off the seatbelt sign for one last time.

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Seatbelt sign is on as soon as I spawn in and have had time to situate myself. I then simulate final boarding and wait maybe 2-3 minutes for everyone to get situated before I pushback.
Seatbelt signs should never be turned on only after takeoff. Invite real life they always have those buggers on during taxi. Not safe for passengers to be standing up during takeoff.

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If you’ve flown before, you’re usually told during safety announcements if you don’t already have your seatbelt on. But its usually already on when you first board. Then normally your free to move about cabin at cruise altitide, depending on turbulence. At TOD they usually want you in your seat with seatbelt on til you arrive at the gate. :) Hope this helps.

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After I land and am at the gate the passengers begin to get up immediately… that is when I turn it on. The other times my flying skills are so good that no sign is needed.

I turn the seatbelt sign on immediately after I spawn in.

In real life when you are boarding a plane they are already turned on along with the no smoking sign before even commencing pushback.

Pushback to 10k, 10k to engines stop.

First thing I do when spawning in. If you go on a plane the seatbelt sign would already be on when you board would it not?

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It depends, usually it is when boarding is complete, or almost complete.

Yes it depends…on who the pilot is. If it’s @anon66442947 or @JoshFly8 the 5 point restraint is snapped in as soon as the passenger boards the plane… :)


Every time I have boarded an aircraft the seatbelt sign has been on.


Seatbelts are overrated . Only thing they’re good for strapping in the case of 🍺🍺