When Do You Turn On/Off Autopilot in Flight?

I usually turn on A/P once I’m above 10,000 feet. I always see people turn it on as soon as their gear is off the ground which is such a shame, because they’re missing out on the fun of hand flying the aircraft!

I usually turn off A/P at around 6000 feet, except when I’m doing an approach into KLAX. Then, it’s more like 4000-ish feet. I also see people disengaging autopilot at like 500 feet or so, which again, is a shame because they miss out on hand flying the aircraft.

MaxSez: AutoPilot was/is designed for cruise, period! END

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Unfortunatley I’ve never been able to accomplish this. Calibrating never seems to help. I’ve done everything I n do mitigate it. What I do now is calibrate with my device pointed DOWN slightly, then anticipate the drop from the AP. This has the best results (for me) and is the smoothest transition I can produce

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