When do you think this will come to infinite flight?

When they are ready

With what ?

There’s a chance that clouds will come in 2021, along with Project Metal.

With the current mobile processor technology - no. Remember: the video feed you see takes a setup where only the GPU is the price of a flagship phone for infinite flight and is multiple times bigger than the biggest phones out there. And the minimum system requirements for MSFS 2020 exceed the absolute best smartphone industry can offer in multiple spots. It doesn’t mean Project Metal won’t come with some exciting stuff though - Philippe, who is Infinite Flight’s co-founder, shared his experiments with lighting on twitter a while ago, which, as he says in the replies, is intended for mobile, and I think we know what mobile game will get it. Although, to say that project metal would bring it is a bit misleading - if I understood correctly, project metal is just optimization of the game’s engine, which would only free up some much needed performance for clouds, new lighting and god knows what else


I’ll echo the words of @sqeezelemon wholeheartedly… MSFS2020 is not a simulator that is easy to run. My desktop has an i7, 32gb ram and a 3060ti and I struggle to hit 60fps when flying through or above those kinds of clouds. For sure they look absolutely incredible, but they come with a substantial performance trade off. Volumetric clouds require more power to render to that quality than any mobile device can currently provide. And yes, that includes iPads with “Xbox level” graphics.

There are plenty of topics asking about clouds. If you press the lil magnifying glass in the top right corner, I think you’ll find answers to the majority of your questions.

32 topics in 27 days. Pretty incredible


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