When do you think the IOS update for Infinite Flight will be released?

  • Within this week
  • Next Week
  • 2 weeks from now
  • Other (please comment)

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2 weeks? What sorcery is this?

In case major bugs are found and the update has to be resubmitted.

I’m hoping it will come out by the end of the week, but this is Apple we’re talking about so most likely next week :(
Oh well either way, it definitely worth the wait :)

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Probably going to be next week

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Just done the poll and hit the “Within this week” key. Oh well, even though I knew it’s quite unrealistic to expect Apple to grant a “Go” that fast, I still chose that option. Guess it’s more of a wish than reasoning for my vote 😊

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Obviously everyone who voted this week is wrong

and why is that??

Next update release: 11/9/3015


how would they find the bug? fly the planes :D

If they didn’t count the weekends then the update should be out on tomorrow or Wednesday

It has been over a week since the update was submitted.

I’ll be honest, I’m surprised some fussy pernickety small minded little person hasn’t closed this topic yet. Well done for keeping it open so long.sir I salute you. Apparently the app is still pending with apple so hasn’t been sent back is still just in the queue to be approved. Here’s hoping asap.

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I already knew that, but thank you. To keep my mind off it, I’ve been playing a tank simulator to keep my mind off the 320

I’ve been working haha. Means I have no choice but to do other things.

Never :(

I know I’m desperate.

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@LSZH34 it’s okay, I hope you get your Swiss livery. And I hope you get Switzerland. But for now, it will be okay, hopefully the A320 will come out later this week.


He is not alone in despair for this update, I continue to look at all the time the app store. It is ten to want the Swiss area.
For what is our beautiful country, Switzerland, we would love to have mostly A319 / A320 / A321 liveries. At least this if you do not want the region.

The region remains an idea rather sympathetic, with approximately 25% of mountains and it would give a fair especially with the number of regions that there is in the US compared to Europe where there are only three!

But to stay on topic, I look forward to flying on A320 !! Discover the improvements in graphics and airports!
Apple bothers me a lot lately … Wifi my computer kidding, they have not yet approved the IF update… it starts getting heavy :(

The update was released, I think last Tuesday which means it has to come out within the next few days !!

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yes. i hope! we all hope!

but Apple is the safest way.