When do you think is the perfect time to start flying?

Can y’all let me know when your perfect time for flying is? Like time-wise, for pictures. :)

When it works for you!


Flight times are completely personal and geared towards you. What works for me may not work for others.

I’d recommend flying when you are free

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Any time is a good one for a flight! ☺️


I know this conversation ended 3 days ago, but as no one read this part:

He didn’t receive an answer.

I’d recommend doing it in the sunset, and that is a lot variable. Here where I live it’s at around 7:30pm local time, but in other places it is much earlier as it’s winter. I’d just recommend searching a place’s local time, and searching the sunset time.

For example, now Bangkok would be a good place time wise.

Hopefully I could help!


You will get great picture if your flying around Capetown (South Africa) at Sunset Time 👍🏼
Highly recommend you flying over New Zealand while sunset.

No one can answer this for u…this is totally up to u and when ur available :)

That would be dependent on what kind of photos you need. For example, if you wanted photos with a warm vibe, sunrise/sunset are your best times. If you want to put things in the background ie mountains, you should choose your time so that the face of the formation is lit up. You can use suncalc.org to do this for just go try it in game.

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