When do you think human pilots on commercial planes will not be needed?

Yup, I know. It was a Pilot error and/or Fly-by wire error killing three passengers.

There is no “and/or” as there was no error in the automation & fly-by wire system. It behaved exactly as designed. As I said, read the report - this was pilot error only.

Well I didn’t read the report before I posted it, just listened to what the video had said. Thanks for the info though.

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I think that process has already started. In fact NASA is on its way to make an aircraft like that along with companies like Boeing (except Airbus). The point is the technology might come as early as 2020 (by some estimates).

Whilst planes may eventually be able to fly themselves, I don’t think pilots will lose their jobs anytime soon, because of the response to engine failiures or other emergencies, like BA38 in 2008, I doubt that a computer would have managed to bring down that 777 safely with no engines.

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When that happens, community pilots like @Erj145 @Heavydriver and our beloved @Aernout will be out of a job.

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