When do you request altitude change?

Am asking this from a pilot’s point of view…is there a proper way or procedure or generally when do you request an altitute change?i need to know everything regarding this…!

I request it depending on how far the airport is, I visualize how much I should be at a certain time, and request it. That is, IF I request it.

Whenever you need to. For any reason you see fit.

@Carson asked this though from the tower’s perspective… I mean is it a must to request this altitude change… Don’t misunderstand me please …am just curious anyway you could just descend or climb with no negative impact on anyone

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I’m assuming:

A: When you are at a set cruise altitude, but due to (a reason) you can not maintain that altitude that you are maintaining.

B: When you are unable to preform the ATC’s altitude change task, and want to change to a different altitude, making sure you acknowledge with the ATC

So you mean when do you just ascend/descend yourself instead of asking permission? Generally if you are VFR or haven’t received an altitude instruction. If ATC tells you to maintain an altitude, you should ask before deviating from that altitude unless for immediate safety reasons (emergency, terrain, traffic, etc).

Ok you just made it more clear.I also thought the same.For example if atc asks you to descend and maintain 8000.But what really made me to ask this question is because people just request climb and descends even when not instructed to maintain an altitude by either approach or center…even on advanced

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People sometimes request altitude, despite no altitude request needed (like me) because, who knows, if an airspace is crowded, and you haven’t heard from ATC in a while, you just want to be safe

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You are the guys am talking about :p.Luckily found 1. I think it should be known that altitude request are only needed when approach or center told you to maintain altitude otherwise i would consider that a spam.Even though there is alitude at your discretion button sometimes it gets really boring sending it all time

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