When do you have to start your descend?

Hi guys when do i have to start my descend? Because lastly ive been descending and i always had to do a 360 because i was still high


Feet to descend in thousand * 3
Need to lose 10,000 feet? Start descent 30NM out

Descent VS:
Ground speed * 5
E.g 500 GS? Descend at 2500FPM

Note: Ground speed changes as you descend


Man, we really need VNAV.


I personally use Charts for my departure and definitely my arrival. Check out this tutorial that Brandon Sandstrom made which extremely useful… The Arrival Plates give you fixes and altitudes that you should be at. See you in the Skies!

Here is a nice tutorial for you:

However, I do it my way.

Let’s say I’m on an FPL and I have 06:32 (6 minutes 32 seconds) before I reach the next waypoint. If I’m at 30,000 feet, and I want to get to 20,000 feet by then, I pick a decent glide angle, say -1,800 V/S. I just multiply 6.32 x 1800, which is 11,376. 30,000 - 11,376 is 18,624 feet, which is the altitude I would be at.

Then I just set my altitude to 20,000 feet to make sure I don’t pass it. :)


Yeah this is the best way if you are just doing it for fun

In case you don’t want to do too much calculations:

Starting descent at ~150nm to dest with approx -2000ft/min will take you will take you down to your destination safely aswell ;)

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Indeed. I only do this if I can’t find any charts for the airport.

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Suggest that you have a search for topics as this has been discussed on a few occasions. Try this link and happy landings.

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I still decend by instinct cuz yolo lol😂😂