When do you fly?

I would simply like to know what time the majority of people fly on live. It get’s kind of boring when you realize you are the only one at an airport (for me anyway), and I think this information will also help people who run ATC tracking threads. (And by flying, I mean every time you are controlling your aircraft, not when you leave your device sitting on your desk running)

  • 0100Z
  • 0200Z
  • 0300Z
  • 0400Z
  • 0500Z
  • 0600Z
  • 0700Z
  • 0800Z
  • 0900Z
  • 1000Z
  • 1100Z
  • 1200Z
  • 1300Z
  • 1400Z
  • 1500Z
  • 1600Z
  • 1700Z
  • 1800Z
  • 1900Z

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(That was probably a bit excessive, let me know if I should just make time ranges rather than list every single hour of the day. Also I’m limited to 20 options so if you are available between 2000Z and 0000Z, then too bad! [jk, just mark yourself in the 1900Z option and the 0100Z option]


Where is the around the clock option? Sleep is a commodity in my home 🙃


Thank you for creating this @A_Plane_Guy! Will defiently help. 👌


Interesting. I expected different results!


I’m with @Levet on this one. It would be easier to pick which time i don’t fly…


Same here. I just fly for about 16-18 hours per day


At least you have a good excuse. My mind and body is still trained on swing shifts but I haven’t worked that schedule in over 2 years now. Nothing like waking up at 3am after going to bed at 1am just about every night.


Well, I guess I should consider changing the poll…

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Add a line for the “Vampires”

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Lol. Nah. It’s just a few of us who are a bit weird.


Just realised we can select all 19 options. yolo \o/


I can fly all the time on weekends, but usually during weekdays it’s between 0100Z and 0300Z. Looks like from the poll results (so far) I fly around the busiest times.

3000 Zulu? You mean 0300 Zulu?

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Oops, yes, sorry…I’ll change it

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Looks like peak hours are around 1700Z and 1900Z so far.

Well, I’m with the mods and Dush on this one (he’s basically a mod so…). What’s sleeping when you can fly in IF at any time and still find the servers are full? It’s a shame I can’t fly with Misha or Chris…

I start my daily long hauls, which progress as I study at school, around 1145Z (6AM my time) during breakfast. I occasionally stop by to see IFAE Fly an event usually at 01-0300Z before bed. 👍🏻


Normally I fly from about 2030z to 2300Z. When I fly a long haul (weekends mainly) i take off in that time window and plan to land about 0600Z (normally up then for dog and kids anyway!

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I’m usually around for takeoff and landing XD

no but seriously I’m mostly flying around 1600z or 1700z