When do you change frequency from ground to tower?


If you read “taxi to runway 21R, contact tower when ready” carefully, you’re told to contact the tower. This is basically telling you to change frequency.

As a ground controller, you shouldn’t say “freq. change approved.”. Instead, you should go to the misc. messages and click on “frequency change already sent”.

So, as a pilot and you’re wanting to contact the tower, don’t ask for a frequency change!! Instead, just click “back” on the ATC and join the tower frequency.

As a controller, tell the pilot that it was already approved.

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Yes, it’s a mistake I commit all the time but the problem really lies with the phraseology itself.

I remember someone said it should be "Contact tower when ready for departure.

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I guess “for departure” is just implied but that would make it clearer especially for some people who are learning or are unsure for some reason.

Also, great point, Joe:)