When do you activate reverse thrust?

Hey IFC.

I’m just curious and wondering how long it takes you to activate reverse thrust. I personally activate it when my nose wheel touches the runway. It depends on runway length, flaps etc. When do you?

I activate reversers when i touch the runway

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I activate 70% of reverse when my front wheel is going down


On touchdown because that is when they do it, except for in the Dash 8 which doesn’t use reverse thrust unless it is operating at a < 3000 foot runway

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When I start to lower my nose gear after touching down, use between 40-80% depending on weight and rwy length

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I will wait until all of my tires are touched down the RW(if the RW length is over 10000ft)

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On heavies, it’s normal for reverse thrust to be activated just after touchdown. On smaller jets, it’s applied when all gears are down. I default to 80%, but on some absurdly long runways I’ll use as little as 20%.

I wait until I’m sure I’m not bouncing hard or going off to the side, the reasoning being you are not to go around after deploying reversers.
I usually wait a few secs as well. Reversers in IF deploy instantly (as opposed to IRL where they take a few secs to come out)

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I do it as soon as my mains touch down and i do about 50-80% depending on runway length and what taxiway im aiming for.

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I’ll do it when my front wheel Touches down just like in the real world

Imagine activating it on the ground

In all seriousness,

In heavies, I activate reverse thrust 2 seconds after main gear touchdown, in smaller aircraft when all gear is down.


I activate reverse thrust around 3 second after my nose wheel touches. I do this because if I land a little off centerline, I take those seconds to align myself with the runway

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I select reverse thrust when… I land.

Just kidding - or well, no not kidding - but I usually like others wait maybe 2-3 seconds to simulate the time it would take them to activate IRL.

I sometimes active the reverse when touch down and sometimes after front gear touch the ground

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