When do they drop it?

Adding on to what Asher said, FNFs are often announced on Thursdays.

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Hi! Because of my bad sleep schedule, they seem to be released between 1100 - 1200Z (11pm - 12pm for me, rip)

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They are usually released early afternoon in Europe.

I was about to ask the same thing since i didnt see anything on the insta page :)

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Yeah so the time frame starts in around an hour of Im pretty sure

Does info about FNF come out on this forum as well or only on insta?

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Yes it will appear at the top of the home page.

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And im guessing FNF happens both on expert and to a lesser degree TS right?

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It’s an event on all servers but really only happens on Expert.

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Can i expect some ATC even on TS? :)

You can, but often it’s not very professional, if you want the high quality of ATC, I recommend trying to get to ES

To be honest, I’ve never seen it happen on the TS before.


Working on it as fast as i can
Im more than half way there with flight hours and xp, but landings are holding me back, i only have a third rn. Gussing that lots of touch and goes await me in the future

Yes touch and gos are definitely the way to go, there’s some airports where the runways line up very nicely and you can get a lot in a short period of time

I think i already know a few but can you also suggest some you may know?

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Still hasn’t dropped yet.

There you go:

Enjoy! 😊


Alright! Thank you. I’ll flag this!