When do my reports expire?

I was looking at the reasons that I’m not Grade 3 anymore and It said that I have 6 reports in the last year and I would like to know when each of them expire. If any of the staff or moderators could check on this so I know when I can be on the expert server and become IFATC. Thanks!


You should be able to check in your log by going through each flight and finding the oldest of the 6. But if a mod has the time he’ll surely help and find that info for you🙃

Maybe check your logbook and see when you received your first ghost.

I hope to see you soon on Expert!

If I don’t want to have to look through all of my old flights and see when my first one was, can the mods check?

I believe they will start dropping off one year after you gained each report. I might be wrong.

Can you send a picture of your stats.

Yeah one minute.

Im typing on my computer and my Stats are on my phone so please wait while I transfer the photo.

There’s no need. He knows that… he wants to know exactly when in the next year

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this is when it becomes unhelpful that everyone jumps on a question. He already knows why he is the grade he is.


Well… Then…

He probably means violations, those don’t expire as far as I know. @ESCORT01NL if it’s ghostings would he have been ghosted like 6 times 🤔?

I mean ghosts/reports…

@Captain_Zen @mwe2187

I based my comment of this. Each report drops off one year after it is gained. If the OP wishes to find out when he gained each report, then he can either search through his logbook or simply pm a mod.

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That is what @Captain_Zen was explaining with going through his flights to figure out where his oldest report is in his log, and then he’ll be able to know when it will drop off and he can be grade 3 again

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This was my first report:

Date: 2018/08/15
Time: 1509Z

Details: ATC Report by [A320NEO-IFATC]
Report: Take off/Land without permission.

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Look at it this way.

“Reports last year” looks back exactly one year from that moment and counts the number of reports in between.

So when a report becomes 365 days plus one minute old, it’s no longer within the last year and isn’t counted.

It’s not magic. It’s just like “how many Tuesdays last four weeks?”


and this was my very first flight on the expert server bacause I didn’t know how to fly on the expert server.

PM a mod. They will happily list all of your ghostings/reports.

Before going on expert watch all tutorials to prevent violations or ask whatever you want. Feel free and we will provide information.
Just start slow practising in quiet airports, because if you violate rules in busy airport you may get ghosted faster than quiet airports, there you may be warned more times before ghosted.
Hope your violations end up soon and see you in skies!

Then on August 15th at 1510Z you should be good. (I think it’s less than or equal to 5. If I’m wrong and it’s less than, you’d have to wait for your second. But I’m pretty sure it’s the first one.)

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