When do I use fuel dump?

The title is pretty self explanatory 😂.

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When you want to dump fuel.

But seriously, if your aircraft is above MLW (Maximum Landing Weight) you can use Fuel Dump to lighten your aircraft load.


When you’re too heavy to land in case of emergency

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Already said above, no need to repeat what has been said :)

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@Liam06 answers are above, additionally, only some aircraft can fuel dumb, being the jumbos, i don’t think the A320’s or B737’s can fuel dump. Same with the CRJ’s and prop planes. I know can’t in the A320’s but not sure about the 737 family. Use flptoif.com it will give you accurate fuel calculations so you don’t have to fuel dump, and if you’re flying into an fnf airport, you can always add more, just to be safe:)

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Guys, question has already been answered. If the OP has further questions he can ask here.

We appreciate you trying to help and this isn’t directed at anyone, but we don’t need to duplicate up on information.

Thanks guys.


Or a miscalculation

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@Liam06… MaxSez: One always Checks TakeOff- Landing Weight in the Fuel menu of the Craft you choose to fly. Then load/Fuel up according to your flight plan.Use “fuelplanner.com” to calculate total fuel required for the Trip. That’s the ez way!

Some inventory AC have a “Fuel Dump” capabilities, those of the latest entries in the inventory in the heavy Trash Hauler Group.

If the aircraft your gonna fly can Dump you’ll find
a DUMP feature in the Dashboard menu.

Using AutoLand on an ILS Procedure and overweight the system will send a Master Warning;
“Overweight”. You have options here; Land by hand or In that Warning instance the efficient pilot Sends “Going Around” or “Missed Approach”
Departs the pattttern and Dumps. Then re-enters the Approach or Deverts to an alternate. See the Tutorial on “Fuel Dump”
(Keep Track of your Fuel burn, use the the fuel features; “Fuel Aboard/Distence to Final” on your Dashboard)

Happy Landing, Max

When your aircraft is too heavy for landing and it’s kind if an emergency situation.


You are flying a Delta 777-200 and just took off from KLAX. Your aircraft has a problem so you can’t continue the flight but you had 14 hours of fuel packed. The right thing to do is go around and dump fuel on the Los Angeles city.

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