When do I arm the seat belt sign

When do I arm the seatbelt sign before descent?


I usually turn it back on when I am am 25-20,000 feet

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And that’s your 35th #general topic… most of which weren’t necessary and answer could be found either in Google or using the search bar on the IFC.

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That is something each pilot should decide on their own.

I turn it off once the plane is level at cruising altitude and turn it back on either when the weather deteriorates or when beginning the initial descent.


Depends. If descent is bumpy, then I keep the sign on until parked at the gate. If it’s smooth, then I’ll turn it on around FL250

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No need to be hostile. Just a friendly reminder.


It’s honestly up to you. Most of the time you want to leave it during the whole flight is during taxi and departure until you reach cruising, then you can turn it off. When you begin descent put it back on until you have either landed and off the runway or when you are parked at the gate. :)

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