When did you start playing infinite flight?

Space shuttle mission

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same 2013 days

I used to play it back when we had the space shuttle mission, I played it so many times; I don’t remember the year I started, I guess back in 2015, because I was playing on my friend’s device, and he didn’t have pro. I got Pro about 4 months ago, so I don’t know which one of them is considered to be the “start”.

I started back in I believe 2018, my impression of this flight simulator on a phone was pretty good, and they’re still impressing me.

around may 2020

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In the middle, end of May 2018.

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started in 2014 (to my knowledge) and got pro in christmas 2017 or 18 im not sure

I started playing IF since 2011-12

I’m amazed how much it changed

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