When did you start playing infinite flight?

i start back in 2014 and u know it was fun 🤩 tbh


Like, March of 2019

late 2015 early 16 is when i really got into it

when i really started? hmmmmm, i started back on a nokia, you know. the days of space shuttle missions, old graphics, everything was great, then i moved to an iphone. But i must say, the old days were the best days


I started probably in 2014 on an iPhone touch trying to land 747s on 6R at LAX (realism police… welp). I couldn’t do it, didn’t touch IF for 6 years, and came back when the pandemic started. Definitely happy that I came back.

2018, got pro in 2019

December 2018

I believe this topic suits this better as you can input your IF Birthday Year haha


Sometime in 2012, dont really remember the exact date. been a User since the early days :)

I started in 2013, but I didn’t get pro until April.

I started 2017 when I got my first phone

I really started in December 2019

I started Early 2020 and got into it right away!

I don’t remember exactly the date but was in 2013.

Around May, 2020 ✌️

2014 solo and started flying live in 2015

  1. I remember my first flight on casual server. Aer Lingus A321 at KSFO, took off and did barrel rolls into a mountain maybe 1-5NM northeast of the airport.
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End of 2016 - beginning of 2017. I remember only one flight pre-global, and that was San Clemente to Los Angeles in an Aer Lingus A321.

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November 2019, got pro and started flying on live a few months later.

Early to mid 2016. Just briefly after the Q400. Wasnt themost active. Only went back to playing in August last year.