When did u discover and join IF

Didnt find any other topics like this so how did u discover IF and when did u start playing. Personally what caught my eye is the SWA 737 on the rwy for the trailer i think i joined bk in 2018

Discovered and downloaded in 2013 for a few weeks I think, but without pro-subscription. My first flight was in 12th August 2018 :)

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I got Infinite Flight in 2015 because I wanted a flight sim but all the other mobile sims sucked.


I arrived at the time when KNUC was crowded as hell πŸ’€
Good times tho, that was just before global I guess ^^

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There’s a really handy census created by @Captainflight which you can contribute towards. Topics like this seem to get created regularly, and closed regularly. The census has remained open and is a great visualisation of a large majority of forum members. I hope you find it useful.