When did this get added? Is It new?

All jokes aside from the title, I know it is not new, but it is new to me.

Airline: MALEV
Aircraft Dash-8-Q400

Apparently this airline stopped operations in 2012, and was started in 1946. It was also a part of the Oneworld Alliance.

Maybe some European folks that are older knew about this airline!


I’ve never heard this airline before…

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Me neither till I flew it for a BAVA ROTW

Been here since the Dash came out in 2016 I believe.

Really? I swear I’ve never seen it before

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I have not seen it before either.

Wait what! Malev Hungarian Airlines isn’t very well known since they filed bankruptcy in 2012! They were know for s short period of time!

I was just as surprised as you when I first saw this livery on the Q400 when it was released in 2016.

Malev (Malév) was Hungary’s flag carrier (national) airline from 1946 until its collapse in 2012. It became a member of the OneWorld Alliance as well. For more info, visit this Wikipedia page!

In my opinion, Malév had the best commercial song ever, which was composed by Gábor Presser, a well known Hungarian musician.

Here is a short video about Malév, showing images of its fleet from the start and how the livery changed over time, as well as telling the story of the iconic commercial song: MALÉV zene, reklám, múltidézés, búcsú, Presser interjú(music, tv spots, history, tribute, interview) - YouTube .
This video also has the last ATC/pilot communications of the last Malév flight and the one when the planes had to leave Hungary to return to their owners. (for the “Malév szignál” [the song on its own], follow this link)

The video is in Hungarian but also has English subtitles/translation.
The date format is year-month-day.

A dash 8 with a beak 🤣

It was the national carrier of Hungary until its bankrupcy in 2012.02.03 06;00LT

The airline was operating with B737-800/700/600
Dash 8Q400

In the early 2000’s they also had 737-200
767-200/300 Fokker’s

Count on Infinite Flight to add liveries barely anyone will use 👏

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