When did KMSY change terminals?

Did KMSY change terminals, IF does not match Google earth or am I missing something ? I landed on rwy 20 made exit riight and I was huh lol ? Where are the gate lines lol
then I noticed behind me on the other side of the rwy 11 there was the gates. InfiniteFlight_2021-01-24-20-35-40|820x491

Yes, there is a new terminal.

The gates to the right of 11 are actually hangars, cargo aprons, and maintenance.


They changed last year when the new airport finished , Infinite Flight hadn’t updated it yet

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so i parked at the hanger ?

Actually, it is updated.

New MSY masterplan - Image courtesy New Orleans Department of Aviation


No, if you go to New Orleans you’ll se that the old airport is still there, rusting

The new airport is new and very well done

According to the github it was redone in December of 2020. This is a new terminal, however what you’ll notice is a yellow-black line going parallel to the taxiway. This indicates that you shouldn’t go there, and if you’d look at the satellite images you’ll see that the same line is present there, indicating that at the time when the satellite imagery was captured it was still under construction

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Sorry, yeah, i was lost when i exited rwy 20.

Holy mackerel, i abandoned my passengers. :(

Yeah, a version of the airport was added several months ago prior to any lines being painted. In the last few weeks, the team was able to find sufficient imagery to bring the new terminal to you. Hope you enjoy it :)


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