When Controlling; Procedures not Organized by Direction [#1301]



Was your account linked with IFC in-app at the time of the issue?


Version Information

20.02.00 (455)

Device Information

iPhone 11
iOS 14


When controlling, procedures are not organized by direction. Sometimes, this resulted in an app crash but not often.

Steps to Reproduce

  • Launch IF
  • Tap “Air Traffic Control”
  • Select “IFATC Server [Global] V2”
  • Select an ATC facility
  • Tap “Ok”
  • Once spawned, navigate to map view
  • Tap an airport and then “PROC”
  • See unorganized procedures

Expected Results

The procedures should be organized by cardinal direction.

Actual Results

The procedures are not organized by cardinal direction.

Log sent?


More Information

I’ll upload a screenshot when I can access the severs again.

Are the procedures supposed to be organized for the controller? (It would be nice) or is is only for pilots? Anyways able to reproduce.
ios 14.0.1

Still an issue?

They are still not organised.

Samsung S8
Device Model: Samsung Galaxy S8
Android Version: 9
IF Build: 20.02 (982)

Issue for me still

Ipad 6th gen - IOS 14.0.1
IF version - (462)

Still reproducible on my end for all frequencies;

Device: iPhone 11
Operating System: iOS 14
Build Info: 20.02.00 (462)

Able to reproduce

Ipad Pro 12.9 3rd gen
IpadOS 14.0.1
20.02.00 (462)