When come back

So… uhmm. I missed you all… yeah that’s all I-I got.
Please enjoy. 😊

Aircraft: A321-200
Airline: Eva Air
Device: iPad (5th Generation)
Time: Day (Random set)
Mapping: KOAK-KAPC
Version: Up to date

I just dropped by that’s all. I gonna delete infinite flight now… If your one of those people that don’t want me to delete it.

I NEED SPACE OK?! I used 29GB and storage is only 32GB


Really I need space.


Nice photos!
I understand why your deleting the app.

Were always here when you decide to come back ;)
Happens to a lot of people, especially the MSFS people

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That’s not an A320 lol it’s A321. I love the angle on the 3rd photo.

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Oop thanks for spotting out the mistake.

I totally understand if you need to delete IF, things happen. 🙂

Really great to see you around again Zach, missed having you around!

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