When can we leave tower frequency?

Well this FNF is a gongshow so far…

If I’m at my cruising altitude and still haven’t been able to get my handoff from tower despite multiple frequency change requests, can I just leave the frequency?

At that point, you don’t really need to contact tower for anything after taking off. If they didn’t hand you off to any other departure or approach frequency, Id personally just tune out and enjoy my flight.

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If tower says “frequency changed approved, good day”, then u can leave

They haven’t said that though, I’ve requested it several times and they’re ignoring me

on expert right?

Yes, I just don’t want to be ghosted for tuning out

Hi! I was your controller today. I do remember sending you a frequency change approved message so I don’t really know how you didn’t get it. Especially during a FNF frequency changes are not our number 1 priority. If you get to cruise from the airport without a frequency change you can most likely just tune out of the frequency. Hope this helps!


I have been on expert few times before and sometimes when tower is busy they might forget to send u “frequency changed, approved…” I just tune out when I am really far away and nothing happens

Unless you’re the controller on right now, it was a different time. (I’ve flown in and out of KMCO several times already today). Thanks!

Pretty sure the person controlling right now is busy… Controlling? They’d be holding up the FNF if they were on the IFC 😛

I was your controller about 10 minutes ago.

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