When can we expect scenery past 60 latitude?

I have been thinking about this for quite a while now and hope for an answer.

While flying through areas like southern norway, greenland and alaska, I wondered when we will see 3D scenery past 60 latitude, where we have this scenery wall in-game.

Having more of norway with 3D scenery would make for so many more nice routes with scenic approaches and so much more.

I don’t know what the possibilities are regarding scenery but Infinite Flight has developed so much in the recent times, maybe we can see some development with the scenery aswell.


I recommend you take a read of this article linked below:

As it mentions near the end of the article, they are currently looking at new datasets that would include the data and it would need to be processed once available.

Obviously this article was a little while ago (11 January 2019), so not sure if this is still the case, but maybe a staff member can confirm or update.

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I wanna know when we’re getting a terrain map again. That would help with flight planning. Also hoping more detailed scenery in past the 60.

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I think it’s more checking in on the topic, since a 3.5 year old blog post is pretty outdated considering how fast Infinite Flight has advanced :)

I’ve been wondering about this too, simply because the mountain terrain of Alaska/Iceland/Norway/etc is beautiful and something to enjoy exploring in sim.

Just like every other feature in development, its coming when its ready(if the scenery is available of course). I’m sure there is a lot of work in processing all of that data and doing all the developer/coding stuff behind the scenes that I don’t have any idea about.

RIP quite sad for no updates in 2 years

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