When can I use the minimum fuel?

I was a user waiting for takeoff on the T server.
At that time, an airplane said “minimum fuel, 12 minutes remaining”.
I couldn’t say that even when I had little fuel left. How can I say that?

When you have flown a minimum of 1 hour and you have less than 1 hour of fuel remaining, a new command arrive in the ATC communication command :

minimum fuel, xx minutes remaining


emergency fuel, xx minutes remaining

You can use them at this time

These are also when ATC is online, he will probably try to make you land as fast as possible or divert if busy airspace

Hope it’s more clear for you @IFK-Tobi, if not, I’m always free for questions

Thx a lot. Is there a difference between minimum or emergency fuel or can I use what I want?

Hmm I don’t know but I think if I’m in this situation I will use the minimum fuel and if I know I will not reach the destination in time, I will use the emergency one

( remember just that is what I think is good) If someone know that, please say it to him but also to me 😂

Keep in mind, while on the Expert server that if this happens and you use this command in a busy airspace in particular, the controller can tell you to divert somewhere else at their discretion. Should this happen, please remember to follow their instructions.

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