When can I sumbit a feature?

Hi Guys,

Long time no post… I just don’t use the forum that often. It is a great place to meet fellow IF enthusiasts though!

So I was wondering, as I have a plane that I really want to have featured… how much should I post and reply to get this privilege?



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You have to be TL2 - and make sure it wasn’t requested before you post the feature request - make sure you read the forum rules and stuff so you’re familiar with the layout bud



You need to be TL2, or Member to post in #features. If you contribute positively you should ve there in no time, also make sure it isnt a duplicate topic before posting!

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I’m used to X-plane forums so this construction is a bit new to me. I know obviously that I needed an upgrade to a higher level… but the navigation around the forums is a bit rusty…

Thanks for the reply!

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I understand man, I had a hard time at first but after a while it becomes second nature and it’s a breeze!

Hope you enjoy the community!

Thanks for your answer!


Everybody is pretty helpful, a sign that things are gonna be good 😃

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Hi there!

Remember, only one feature request per topic.

Have a great day!

No need for the answer to a question that was already answered twice 2 hours ago.


I also told him to only request for 1 feature per topic too.

Yes you did say some additional stuff that no one else had said before, but no need to mention that he needs to be TL2 and all that stuff again. Simply state that he can only post one feature per request and that’s all.

By now he knows about needing to be TL2, so that is unnecessary to say again.

Thank You For Your Understanding!

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