When can i get to gred 3

I was grinding at casual server for the landing.But for flight hour and xp i was grinding at training server to understand more about violation.Yeah i make some mistake which i was oversleep and the plane was got overspeed can i know when can i reach gred 3.I already finish my grind and understand about violation and ready to fly in expert server.

7 days after your last violation.

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24th February @ 0334Z

It seems that overspeeding is a common issue for you. Make sure you are flying at a sensible speed (not too close to the red line) and that you make sure you are below 250kts when you get to around 11000ft to avoid risking violations. Also don’t engage VNAV Descent until you are active at your device.


Just don’t overspeed anymore, hehe.

And NEVER put VNAV on when you are not on your device 😉

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HAHA, that reminds something of me. I fell asleep during my flight and had VNAV on, I wake up someone on the ocean.


Yeah hahaha i already learn from my mistake now i know how to avoid overspeed.when i want to sleep i will reduce speed 200

Thank you… yeah i learn from mistake will not do anymore

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Why you would reduce speed if you’re going to sleep?

Just if you fly a long haul for example in the 777. Climb, set speed to mach 0.84 on your cruise altitude. Hold your VNAV off. And set your timer 60 - 30 minutes before your landing. Depends on how fast you wake up. Then if you are awake, you can turn on your VNAV. :)

Good you’re learning from your mistakes. Every pilot in Infinite Flight starts like a noob, they need to learn from there mistakes and slowly they are knowing faster how to become a pro pilot in IF!

Exactly, 250 days ago I did exactly the same as you, @WhyNoSmile just look at my violations, pretty same as you 😉

not now 😅 but at this time, I was a noob

If I fly a plane that I wasn’t going to monitor for a long time, I would set the AP and search the cruising speed of the plane that I am flying on (usually within 0.81M-0.89M range) and set the speed at cruising altitude.
For below 10000 ft I would set the AP speed to be 249kts precisely

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