When can I access the expert server again?

Quick question… I got 4 speed violations as a result of a glitch thus was demoted from G4 to G2 so when do I get access back?

7 days, or sooner if you have other violations that fall off sooner and get you below the required level for Grade 3.

A week I think

Thanks. This is my first violation in expert server so I didn’t really know

Violations are the same for both Training and Expert Server. You probably already know how you get violations but this topic resumes it pretty well for anyone else or if you forgot:

Always good for a fresh reminder.

I’m pretty sure if it was a glitch, there is a possibility of having them removed. Was it a glitch of your device or the game itself?

If you can provide a screenshot of your grade table we might be able to help further.

I honestly don’t know. On takeoff, I tried to pull back the throttle and slow the climb but the screen froze and it resumed before I was aware.

Did the overspeed audio or visual warning not display? This happened to me once and I had it sorted, however the admin that removed it said it was a one off

I just saw something about being reported in red…I may have missed the initial warnings

You will be able to access the server exactly 7 days after you got your first violation.

If you’re sure about it being a glitch, you actually may PM a Staff and see this over. That would be best to do if it happens to be that your screen froze and during that time period you received violations as you couldn’t throttle down.

I don’t know how to reproduce the glitch so I don’t have anything to show

I Understand, It can be hard to prove what went wrong, how and when. If it does ever occur again, take a screenshot or record if able to. But I wish that you never encounter such issues again and you’re Welcome Back on Expert in a week to be exact :)

Safe Flying ✈👋

Thanks for the help. See you in a week

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