When ATC Issues a 360

Hey everyone!

When communicating with ATC, there are times that they will instruct you to make a 360. As simple of a command that this may be, there are some that still may be confused by the instruction or how to perform the maneuver. In this week’s tutorial, we cover why ATC would usually issue a 360, when they would issue it, and how to perform it.

Please post any questions relevant to this tutorial as well as any tutorial requests below.

Happy and Safe Landings!


Great tutorial Mark!

Good tutorial. There is a lot of people on expert who don’t know what left and right is, so this helps perfectly.

I got hooked on one thing though, and I fully agree with most of that statement. You said you should “Always follow ATC instructions”. I know how annoying it is when people don’t follow but remember that it’s always the PIC or the PF who has the final say regarding the aircraft. This includes ATC comms, if for some reason a pilot can’t make a specific turn, unable is the specific word and phrase to use.


Mark, you cannot emphasize listening to ATC enough…cough training server cough

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Great, simple, straightforward video, thanks.

One thing to add is perhaps that under normal circumstances, making a 360° is intended to take a full 2 minutes - i.e. you should be turning roughly at a speed of 3° per second, not 30° per second (say in a Spitfire 😬).

Awesome tutorial thanks for all the effort and your time Mark.