When atc is closed same time my aircraft is down

i hope i correctly send the category. if it is error please let me know so i will fix it than it just closed port.

I want to know. before I make mistakes so I went report from ATC. the one I don’t want to happen.

if now I’m heading down to an airport that has ATC open “Approach” then I send announce inbound. so atc has approve. after ATC is closed another ATC came and open so should I send again or what?

also happen at ATC “Tower”

what should I do?

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Correct me if I’m wrong, but ATC is already aware of your intentions during a controller change so there is no need to repeat your intentions

This is correct - we can see all previous communications between an aircraft and Unicom/ATC so @jovictasor there is no need to repeat a message after a controller change.

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thank you for spending your time answering the question but I will see them have IFATC answers more right


ok now I’m with it will also at Tower? no need to resend?

As an ATC, when we open we should let all things actually happen and then start controlling, for exemple if an aircraft is landing, I won’t give him an on guard since he have most probably received a clearance from the previous controller and let him land, because usually when you spawn you receive a very big amount of request at the same time from all the people requesting again what they have already been cleared for.

I can see what you mean, but I often want it close when I’m in Final, atc is not open so there is a front in me. so atc open then atc me on guard. why not the one where is front gets me on guard.

I hope you can understand

If he onguarded you, he probably on guarded the other one too, you just can’t here it before you tune into the frequency

ok the much interest info

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