When ATC - how to select runway

I can call up the airport info box, but the runway in use seems to change without my input when tower/ground

How do I set it/change it

You can’t…

You can’t.
The red/green runways changes with the weather.

The runways are based on winds conditions.

Depending on wind direction and strength varies which runway will show up as active or inactive.

Green means it’s active it either has no wind or a head wind.

Orange - means there is a crosswind

Red - means there is a tail wind.

Red doesn’t mean you shouldn’t use that runway it’s just there to show you which runway the winds are favouring.

You can still use red runways if the winds are below around 8knts I believe.


The runway in use (green runway) is determined by the current wind there. The runway in use should optimally always have a headwind, so it’s done automatically.

A green runway means that that runway has a headwind

An orange runway means that the current runway has a crosswind

A red runway means that the current runway has a tailwind.

NOTE: If the wind is below 4kts, all runways will be green.

And keep in mind that you are fully allowed to use an orange or red runway as the active runway, and pilots should respect that. :) If he or she doesn’t feel confident in landing in those conditions, he can request a runway change or divert. :)


boooooo, don’t be so fast

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Ah ok. The METAR in green on the top bar didn’t change significantly, or is local weather defined elsewhere?

The METAR determines the weather in game. :)

Sorry Mats 😂

Besides wind conditions you should make your departure runway and arrival runway separate if possible even if they cross each other because traffic can pick up quick and this will help the traffic flow.

Just in case it is off use this posts gives you some idea of how to see which runway to use, although as noted they should be marked green or red anyway.

Also some information about reading METAR as well in case you need any help.

Thanks. I’m pretty ok with METARs but useful all the same

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We try to allot the best possible runway as and when possible.

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