When ATC gives you a command, What do you do first? Fly or respond?

As a general rule of thumb for our IF pilot-in-command, Pilots priorities are A-N-C…What is A-N-C? It’s a reminder of the priorities…

“Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” (A-N-C),

Aviate – Maintain control of the aircraft

Navigate – Know where you are and where you intend to go

Communicate – Let someone know your plans and needs


When flying with autopilot, I usually dial in what ATC has instructed, then read back. When flying manual, I usually make the turn (unless it will take a while to make) and start ascent or descent, then respond to ATC.


More or less at the same time…

Have not seen the ANC numonic since I left the Training Cmd. It and many others still swearal about as I Pre-Flight and run the check list. Here’s another that we all should keep in mind “KISS”… BZ, Mad Max Sends

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Keep it simple stupid is one my personal favourites