When ATC comes to EGLL ...... ( Expert Server )

As we know, EGLL is a busy airport in real world and Infinite Flight. Yesterday in Expert Server, EGLL had ATC in all frequency. So…it cause nearly 300 planes are scheduled to fly to EGLL.

Here are some shots about yesterday’s EGLL ground. ↓ ↓ ↓

p1: B777: There’s a A359 between us ~

p2: This DHL think he is a passanger plane ( lol )

p3: British Airways family

p4: Swiss, Emirates and British, which one do you like ?

p5: ATC: DHL, give way to aircraft ahead.

p6: Many planes are waiting for clearance to take off.

p7: V1~ Rotate~ Contact to London Departure~

p8: London Depature, with you at 2000ft ~

Thanks for your watching ! How do you feel about these shots? Tell me in the reply ~

Which is your favorite shot ?
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Nice Pics!!!

It had to be interesting seeing people doing all things at the perfection.



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Thanks a lot ~

Great photos!

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Thank you ~

Yea, the concept of realism doesn’t come naturally to the training server


Cool photos! It feels like a Swiss hub! Haha!

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It was super busy on arrival yesterday at EGLL. The controller couldn’t handle all the traffic since approach went offline. Had to divert to London city airport.

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Full agree with you!

Nowadays I´m flying in USA expert server and find an ATC in expert out of days of event is hard. To use Training server is crazy seeing people making acrobatics or whatever they want.

The other day at KLAX I had a good experience with people and ATC except one MD11 that overpassed me. It was a quite frustrating.

If people is in a hurry, I suggest to use other airport and then land in an airport with traffic or ATC Services.



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Four score and 180 reports later.

Honestly yall come clutch when you control locations like this. Thanks for doing it!



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Yeah, yesterday’s LSZH is very busy too. My friend waited for nearly an hour before landing.

Yeah that’s true, there are too much plane in London’s airspace. It was as if everyone was going to land EGLL. lol

Haha, I rarely fly at Training Server. Cause most of the time, the order in Trainin Server is not very good. So I always fly in Expert Server since I got Grade3 in IF.

(⁎˃ᴗ˂⁎) ( • ̀ω•́ )✧

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It seems guys like p7 more lol, I like p1 (≧∀≦)♪