When Asking About Your Grade

Nearly everyday, I see a question about why someone’s grade is what it is. And I’d say, oh, Zero percent of those requests for assistance include a screenshot of the grading table.

Two things:

First, you can look at the grade table yourself. It will show in bright orange numbers exactly which criterion/criteria you don’t currently meet. That should answer your question without a Support request.

However, if for some reason, you can’t read a simple table and note different colors and want to open a thread, that’s fine. Just remember that we are not psychic (no one is, BTW), nor can we see your grade table by any other form of supernatural powers.

If you’re asking about your grade post a screenshot of you grade table in your original post.

That will spare you and everyone else hours of wasted time with either requests for the screenshot, which should have been self-evidently necessary in the first place, or worse, 15 random guesses from the ever-helpful “maybe it’s this, maybe it’s that” crowd.

When creating a Support topic, you need to provide as much info as possible about OS, device, etc. But, in the special case of a grade-analysis request, it should simply come as no surprise that if we can’t see your table, we can’t tell you what numbers are orange for you.

Or you could just find the orange numbers yourself, but that’s a different story.

Either way. You know we’re going to need to see it. Save yourself hours of wasted time by just putting it in the original post.


This should be pinned :)


I see this all the time and it is one of my biggest pet peeves here. Bookmarked :)

What about pinning it to #support, half the topics have been: “I’m a Grade 3, but Can’t Make Expert.”

No. Grade questions are not support topics. Pinning it there would encourage people to post.

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