When are You Active?

In an attempt to offer ATC services for you guys when more of you are flying I would like to know when you are usually active on IF. This will ultimately help me coordinate my tracking thread sessions so I can provide services for more of you all at once! So I don’t have to convert tons of time zones please respond in Zulu time. If you will please use the poll @ewanfleming has provided.


I have a feeling… that this should be in live


There we go, fixed! Sorry about that! :)

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The biggest challenge here will be properly populating the text window. Hey look at that, mission complete. 0330Z.

If you have a suggestion please let me know as of right now this is the best I could come up with.

I suggest making a poll so you can see everyone’s times in one place… :)


I know that IF is most active between 1300Z and 2200Z roughly. I’m personally active around 1500Z

So if I’m being honest I would but I don’t know how. Let me go look that up real quick. Although this might be a large poll.

@Brandon_K beat me to the punch, creating a poll will make this easiest for you to process.

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This might be useful:

  • 000Z-0300Z
  • 0301Z-0600Z
  • 0601Z-0900Z
  • 0901Z-1200Z
  • 1201Z-1500Z
  • 1501Z-1800Z
  • 1801Z-2100Z
  • 2100Z-2359Z

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Dammit - I just almost submitted mine. Except mine was by every hour


Also you could’ve made the poll multiple choice

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Thanks so much! I was about to dig through for a few minutes and make one while everyone told me I needed a poll.

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I tried to make people decide on one otherwise it wouldn’t be that accurate. Also, lots of people play for more than one hour so a poll per hour would have not really worked.

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1300Z-2200Z and super late at night for me but usually the morning and late night is when I fly but afternoon I’m busy

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No, that’s why I would’ve made it multiple choice 😉

Are you open now or what ?

Multiple choice would have been better

No this is a poll to see when I should open to be more useful to those who are flying.

Can you open now for me ?