When are reports wiped for the past year

I’m fairly certain I’ve been on live for more than one year but I’m still showing the reports accrued in the past year. When will these be wiped?

I believe as you’ve had your reports within 1year to 2years, once the 2 years are passed they are removed? But I’m not certain, they may not be removed at all

I mean wiped for the past year, as you’re only allowed a maximum of 5 within 52 weeks to be on grade 3 or higher (if my memory serves).

But from when does the year start? From when you first got onto the expert server?

Alright lads settle down… lol

Violations and ghosting will permanently be on your “record”. But as for the yearly/bit early violation ratio, each ghosting/violation will be removed from that ratio exactly 1/2 years after getting that violation/ghost. (If you get no violations/ghosts from now to a year from now - you will have 0 violations/ghosts for the ratio)


I currently have 32 violations and 1 ghost in this past year. Those will decrease as the “year mark” passes.

*You can check when you got these violations by going through your logbook - Exactly a year/2 years from that date… The violation will be poof



Your ghostings will drop off exactly 1 year after you received it for the 1 year Reports line on the gradebook. Which means your oldest ghosting will drop off on January 8, 2019. If you want your other dates for the other two let me know via PM or on this message. This ghosting will still have value on the 2 year Reports line in the gradebook. Let me know if this answers what you were asking.


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Yo guys… Offtopicness leads to confusion. Keep to discussion of the original poster…

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Yes thank you - I thought they would all drop in one go when transitioning into the ‘new’ year ie a year after starting on grade 3. But this makes more sense.

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